jamesc01's site!

Some interests:

I'm not really proficient in any of my hobbies/interests, but here's some of them:


I started getting into programming a few years ago, I haven't really gotten anywhere, since I usually end up losing interest. But recently, I started learning C, then got into Python, and now web development.

As for web development, I really like the look of old-school sites, mainly the early 2000s look, but also 90s. An example of the aesthetic I like would be pouet.net. You can probably tell that I'm terrible at coming up with pleasant colour scheme's, though.


I'm a bit into music production. I've been playing around with production since around mid 2016, but haven't really improved much. Some of my favourite artists/labels are:

Video games:

My most played game on steam is Stardew Valley, which is probably one of my favourite games. Some older games that I love are Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, The Simpsons Hit and Run, Tony Hawk's games (THUG 2), and plenty more. There are also tons of recent games I like, too many to list here.


Other places you can find me online.