jamesc01's site!


Hi, welcome to my neocities site. This page will essentially just list my interests. I may expand on it, in the future.

Some interests:

I'm not really proficient in any of my hobbies/interests, but here's some of them:


Programming, for me, is an interest that tends to drift in and out quite a lot. When I opened this site (sometime around ,) but have since lost interest in web development, until now, .

I'd like to stay with programming a bit a more now. Programming could potentionally turn into a career for me, so I should I least try to stick with it, and not leave it for months, then have to re-learn stuff.

I'm into a few different areas of programming. Web development is quite interesting to me; I like the instant feedback you get with it. It's quite easy to make a nice looking product. I'm also interested in general software development, and more so, game development.

For game development, my choices have swapped quite a bit. For the longest time, I would revolve around gamemaker studio, unity, monogame (XNA), SDL, etc.. But now, I've finally pinpointed my interests, and scrapped the things which I'll never progress with. My main choices/interests are:

As for web development, I really like the look of old-school sites, mainly the early 2000s look, but also 90s. An example of the aesthetic I like would be pouet.net. You can probably tell that I'm terrible at coming up with pleasant colour scheme's, though.


I've been playing around with production since around mid 2016, but haven't really improved much. I put hardly any time into it, so no wonder I'm not improving. I should force myself to at least come up with a few ideas a week.

For Christmas 2019, I bought an electric guitar, but the months leading up until Christmas, my motivation to learn dwindled. But I've recently () picked it back up, and I'm actually enjoying myself. I'm learning with Justin Guitar, a free guitar tuition website. He recently started making a revamped beginner course, which adds riffs (seven nation army etc.) to it, which makes it far more fun.

Anyway, here are a few musical inspirations of mine:


This one's gonna be short. I have some interest in art, but haven't really gotten much into it. Digital drawing/painting interests me, but I haven't invested any time into it. A few inspirations are Joakim Olofsson and OneyNG.

I also really like 3D modelling, and have actually made a few low-poly ps1-style renders. Blender Guru on youtube is great!

Video games:

My most played game on steam is Stardew Valley, which is probably one of my favourite games. Some older games that I love are Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, The Simpsons Hit and Run, Tony Hawk's games (THUG 2), and plenty more. There are also tons of recent games I like, too many to list here.

Here are my steam recently played games that I like:


Other places you can find me online.